The miraculous properties of Australian Essential Oils that can put an end to Hip Pain and Sciatic pain ….. Fact or Fiction?

There’s a lot of hype online about the so-called miracle properties of natural ingredients when it comes to preventing pain, but how do we know which stories are true and which are stretching the truth? Dr David Goldstein gets to the bottom of the hype here…. read more.

Karen Reardon & her mother, Joan

Karen researched and found a natural answer to her mothers daily pain issues. Outback Pain Relief Oil, a natural pain relief lotion without side effects that goes below the surface to the source of the inflammation….

Recently I sat down with the CEO of one of the worlds leading natural products distributors and discussed the pros and cons of a pain relief oil utilising the analgesic & anti inflammatory properties of Tea Tree & Eucalyptus Oils and I got some insightful answers about how it works and the way his company is going about bringing the so-called magic to those suffering hip pain, sciatic pain and arthritis.

Mark Linford is CEO of Global Health Direct, an Australian based company who distributes one of the worlds best selling topical pain relief oils, marketed under the Outback brand.  Mark can you break down the hype and tell us how this natural oil combination is good for pain relief, in particular for hip pain and sciatica?

Thanks David, for the opportunity to speak here.  Well, Outback Pain Relief Oil is certainly a unique formulation, but it is actually one that many Australians may already be familiar with. More than 15 years ago my father, Ralph, created a product known as Elmore Oil, which became a world wide sensation and from that product a ‘next generation’ formulation was produced and marketed across the world, now known as Outback Pain Relief Oil.

Well thanks for that candid answer, so how is Outback Oil different and how does it work?

Well those who know the story of Elmore Oil will know that the secret of the product was the pure extracts of Vanilla that were blended with the Tea Tree Oil and Eucalyptus Oil in order to assist the product to go trans-dermal (below the skin) to the source of the pain and inflammation.

Vanilla is a vasodilator, so it improves blood flow at the point of application and it is the Vanilla (which is bonded to the Tea Tree and Eucalyptus in a unique process) that takes these active ingredients under the skin, right to the source of the pain, reducing inflammation and getting rid of the cause of the pain. Thats why it works, where other topical products do not. And in Outback Pain Relief Oil we have twice the levels of Vanilla that was in Elmore Oil, meaning it works faster and better, giving you faster and longer pain relief.

Tea Tree Oil is a clinically proven anti-inflammatory at the right concentrations, and Eucalyptus Oil is a well recognised pain reliever, so they combine well to give fast and very effective relief.

That sounds pretty impressive Mark, so how do you use the product?

Well in simple terms, you just rub it on to the painful area at least twice a day (more often if you want) and you notice relief within minutes. The Eucalyptus Oil is the first essential oil to provide a benefit, giving pain relief, but the beauty of the product comes in the anti-inflammatory action of the Tea Tree Oil. The more you use it the better the relief gets, until finally the source of the pain (which is the inflammation) is gone.

Okay, that does clarify a few things about how it works, but how can our readers be sure it will work for them?

That’s a very valid question David, but I can tell you that with over 7,000 positive reviews on Amazon in the USA the product truly works, but I know that not everyone will take my word for it. That’s why we offer what is probably the best product guarantee in the world. Outback Oil has a 3-year shelf life, and if customers are not satisfied with the performance in any way they can return the empty bottle right up to the expiry date shown on the label, for a full refund. So effectively we give a 3-year guarantee. No-one in the world does that David, because they can’t, but we know our product works so well that we can offer this almost audaceous guarantee.

That’s very impressive. How do our readers try it out, at the lowest risk to them?

David, I am more than happy to provide the opportunity for people to try the double strength Outback Pain Relief Oil at a discount, but for us it’s not just about selling products. We don’t want any customer spending money on products that don’t perform how they expected, and so we work tirelessly to ensure everyone is satisfied with the results. We have follow up emails to all of our clients to monitor their progress and get their feedback, which we use to help provide an outcome.

So any readers who wish to try the Outback Pain Relief Oil can click this link, or the link below, and go to our landing page where they only need to enter their email address and receive a discount code which will give them a free bottle. The product comes in a 50ml roll-on bottle for $19.95, but with the code if they purchase one bottle they can have a second one for free, plus free shipping.

We can’t be fairer than that, but what is even more exciting is that we know the products will deliver on the Pain Relief promise, because our formulation techniques are world class.

Thanks Mark, so in conclusion if any readers are interested to try Outback Pain Relief Oil for hip pain, sciatic pain, osteo-arthritis, or any other inflammation related discomfort, click the NEXT PAGE link we have set up below or click here and follow the instructions on the next page to claim a free bottle with a full bottle purchase, and test it for yourself!

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