New Product for Cartilage Growth Winning Friends in Australia

For the first time, a natural product that removes inflammation and rebuilds cartilage, developed in Australia, is now available globally. Supply restrictions have come off and this natural supplement, combining the power of both the Green Lipped Muscle Oil and the ground shell, is now freely available.

David Ireland, “The Wildlife Man”

Traveled the world making documentary films and starring in his own TV show on Discovery.

Often times, we get so used to using the same old products and services that we fail to take a step back and ask ourselves if there is something better available now.

So when Wildlife TV Star David Ireland started suffering from the same joint and back pain troubles as his father, he was determined to use his unique knowledge of natural remedies to help fix it.

David Ireland is the star of the TV series “The Wildlife Man” which is shown all around the world on Discovery Channel. He has travelled all around the globe and learned about natural healing ingredients and ancient anti-inflammatory remedies from indigenous tribes and aboriginal peoples that are cut off from the modern world.

With so much experience with natural remedies, there couldn’t be a more qualified expert to take a stand against the big pharmaceutical pain medications and antidepressants that are loaded with side effects

David already had a great relationship with a leading Australian supplement developer because of his part in creating the Outback Pain Relief topical oils, but now he wanted to take it to the next level and extinguish the inflammation from the inside and the outside by adding an incredibly powerful supplement to the mix.

“To my knowledge there are only two proven ingredients to regrow cartilage, each of which has significant clinical studies and research to ensure maximum effectiveness …. Green Lipped Muscle Oil and Glucosamine”

First we needed a powerful anti-inflammatory. New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel Oil was the natural choice since it disrupts the COX-2 inflammation response to reduce pain and increases joint mobility.

That’s when the lightbulb went off and history was made. We discovered that this incredible mussel has more to offer than just its famous oil. We started testing formulas that utilized the entire mussel instead of just the flesh, and eventually we found the perfect combination which we now call the dual action formula.

We added 1,000mg of the ultra-potent powdered green lipped mussel shell (which contains natural Glucosamine) to 50mg of the potent flesh oil and the results were incredible.

When these two ingredients are bonded together in one capsule, they are way more effective than if they were taken separately. This is a scenario where 1 + 1 doesn’t necessarily equal 2, it could equal 3 or 4 because of the natural synergy of combining the powdered shell with the oily flesh.

The oil extracted from this specific strain of mussel (Perna Canaliculus) is rich in omega-3s. As your body metabolizes the natural omega-3s they go to work restoring and soothing inflamed joints, muscles and tissue. This enables a significant amount of pain relief for a variety of inflammatory conditions including joint pain, muscle pain, nerve pain and more.

Equally amazing is the mussel powder because it is considered one of the highest natural sources of both glucosamine and chondroitin in the world. That’s where the “repair” comes from, since the natural versions of these nutrients have been shown to promote cartilage repair.

This particular strain of mussel can only be found off the coast of New Zealand and their demand has exploded once their restorative powers were discovered. Luckily due to current ocean conditions their population is still increasing each year and they are considered one of the most ecologically sound types of seafood in the world.

This product is a perfect complement to our other natural anti-inflammatories because our other products are focused on reducing the inflammation, while this one further reduces your inflammation but also promotes repair for long term relief.

Right after our first batch was complete, we knew we had just solved a major world problem and this was going to help a lot of people.

It works so well that we never considered including any inferior ingredients like fish oil or flax seed oil.

When you swallow these tiny capsules you are giving your body the most powerful natural omega-3s, glucosamine and chondroitin on the planet.

Our patented formula works so well that major retailers like Amazon have been struggling to keep up with demand since launch.

  • Reduce joint inflammation


  • Improve joint mobility


  • Promote cartilage repair


  • 100% money back guarantee

This amazing new product is called Outback Joint Repair+ and it has just set the bar for natural pain relievers.

In order to get the word out about this breakthrough new product, the first 500 customers each month are able to purchase a full size bottle for $10 off the regular price and pay only $49.95.

You can try an entire 60 count bottle for only $49.95 and we’ll even include free shipping in Australia and NZ. All Outback products are also 100% guaranteed, so if you don’t love it, you’ll get a full cash back refund.

If you are suffering from mild to severe joint pain, nerve pain or any other muscle or back discomfort, click here to order our secure shopping cart and receive your $10 off the price of a full bottle of Outback Joint Repair+ and see how powerful it is for yourself!

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