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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the dose rate and how fast will it work?

You start on 2 capsules a day and progress to 3 capsules after 2 weeks. It will be between 2 weeks and 4 weeks before you start to notice the best results, once the magnesium levels build to there maximum.

I am pregnant so can I still take Migraine Stop ?

Migraine Stop contains only 5 natural ingredients, all of which are generally recognised as safe during pregnancy, but we always recommend you seek your doctors approval so that he or she are comfortable with you taking these during your pregnancy.

I am currently on prescription pain killers for my migraines. Can I take Migraine Stop at the same time ?

Yes the ingredients in Migraine Stop will not adversely interact with your pain killers. You can continue your current pain regime and take Migraine Stop at the same time, until such time as you are confident the Migraine Stop is working for you, however some prescription migraine drugs are vasoconstrictors and work against Migraine Stop, so in these cases Migraine Stop may take longer to work.

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